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Johann Sebastian Bach Persönlichkeit

Gaining insight into the personality of Johann Sebastian Bach

What do we actually know about the personality of Bach over beyond the idealization of the Cantor of St. Thomas and even deification? It is only possible to compile cautious assumptions about his personal manner with the aid of sparse surviving comments by himself or his contemporaries. Some of his secular cantatas depicting the social life of his time hint at humorous and light-hearted character traits.

G. P. Telemann: Du aber, Daniel, gehe hin”

When Carus-Verlag asked Daniel Ivo de Oliveira to realize the basso continuo part of Mozart’s Mass in c minor K. 427, as completed and edited by Frieder Bernius and Uwe Wolf, he was brought into contact with a style of music that was new to him. After listening to the piece several times he was fascinated once again by Mozart’s exquisite music…