Entries by Ester Petri, Uwe Wolf

Ester Petri and Uwe Wolf in conversation

What does Carus mean to you? How do you see the future of the company? Ester Petri and Uwe Wolf in dialog. Over the last few years both have had a considerable influence on the development of Carus – Ester Petri as Managing Director alongside Publisher Johannes Graulich, and Uwe Wolf as Program Director, succeeding Günter Graulich. Neither Petri nor Wolf is related to the Graulich publishing family, nevertheless they endeavor to maintain the good traditions of the family business – and at the same time to make the company fit for new challenges!

Hochfürstl. Sächsisch-Weißenfelsischer würklicher Capellmeister

Johann Sebastian Bach’s secular cantatas provide an exciting insight into his activities between city and court, between the beginning of the Enlightenment and absolutism. Activities which probably characterized a successful life back then, but seem slightly strange to us now, perhaps even disconcerting. Uwe Wolf has researched the circumstances surrounding the composition of Bach’s wonderful Hunting Cantata, and went on the trail of Bach in Weissenfels. Come along with us!

Saint-Saëns’ fascinating Requiem in reduced scoring

Camille Saint-Saëns’ lavishly orchestrated setting of the Requiem calls for no fewer than four harps. This expressive work moves and fascinates listeners in equal measure, including our Chief Editor Uwe Wolf. It has long been a heartfelt desire of his to enable as many musicians as possible to perform this work – including groups with more limited resources at their disposal. For the Saint-Saëns anniversary in 2021, Carus is publishing an arrangement for strings, harp, and orchestra by Klaus Rothaupt.

Mozart: The unfinished C Minor Mass

The C Minor Mass KV 427 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating work. But to speak of “the” Mass is inaccurate, for basically it is no more than a musical torso, with many puzzles and problems, yet full of magnificent music. We look into the intriguing history of its composition and transmission.