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Ester Petri and Uwe Wolf in conversation

What does Carus mean to you? How do you see the future of the company? Ester Petri and Uwe Wolf in dialog. Over the last few years both have had a considerable influence on the development of Carus – Ester Petri as Managing Director alongside Publisher Johannes Graulich, and Uwe Wolf as Program Director, succeeding Günter Graulich. Neither Petri nor Wolf is related to the Graulich publishing family, nevertheless they endeavor to maintain the good traditions of the family business – and at the same time to make the company fit for new challenges!

Singing is at the heart of our mission at Carus

Since joining the family firm in 2001, Johannes Graulich, whose previous career was in medicine, has made his mark on Carus-Verlag. We spoke to him about projects close to his heart and milestones in the history of Carus.