Welcome to CARUS blog

The idea of a choral music blog has been buzzing around in our heads for a long time. The Corona crisis finally got the ball rolling and – as we believe – the result is something to be proud of!

In our blog you will find a multitude of topics around choral music: close examinations of choral masterpieces, histories of different editions, interpretations and performances, interviews, experience reports and so much more. Experts in choral music but also team members of Carus-Verlag write about things that are near to their hearts.

You miss a subject? Then we are glad to receive your suggestions by email to blog@carus-verlag.com or via contact form.

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Looking for more topics around choral music?

In our popular CARUS Magazine you will find more articles. Since 2014 our CARUS Magazine twice a year keeps you informed with interesting topics around choral music today.

The motto: large-sized, diversified, clearly laid out, profound, coloured. The CARUS Magazine therefore is the ideal addition for our blog readers!

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