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Louis Vierne: Messe solennelle op 16

Klaus Brecht, long-time lecture at the State Academy for young musicians in Ochsenhausen and one of the editors of the school choir book series chorissimo! at carus, came across during the preperations for the 2020 concert year to the Messe solennelle op. 16 of the jubilee Louis Vierne. At first he was irritated, but then his enthusiasm grew, especially with a view to the setting of the choir passages.

Louis Vierne

The Life and Works of Louis Vierne

In 2020, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the composer and organist Louis Vierne whose life was not only marked by artistic success but also by health problems and personal misfortune. Above all, his impaired sight from birth would prove to be a heavy burden throughout his life which he countered through his active career as an organist and composer. Works for the organ predominate in his extensive oeuvre, but also his vocal works are of great appeal.