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Die drei ??? Kids: Musikdiebe

Where does a parody or musical quotation end, and where does plagiarism or music theft begin? In the case of the musical The Three ??? Kids: Music Thieves by Boris Pfeiffer and Peter Schindler it is quite clear. A song by the singer Modena is stolen from the recording studio and distributed via the internet…

Schindler: Zirkus Furioso

Sarah Schweiger has followed the composer Peter Schindler and his works since she began working at Carus-Verlag. So she was able to experience at first hand how he works on his pieces with a choir at the Choratelier in 2016. Her favorite piece by him is Zirkus Furioso (Zirkus Allegro). In this musical we live through an eventful, but (because of that) very amusing afternoon with the circus director Leo Pimpelmoser.