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Rilling on the German Requiem by Brahms

In the CARUS Highlights, Helmuth Rilling writes about Brahms’ “Ein Deutsches Requiem” (A German Requiem) – a piece he even wrote a book about.

Brahms as a choral composer

Brahms’s Deutsches Requiem (German Requiem): you only need to mention this work, and many choral singers spontaneously sigh with pleasure. It is one of those works in the magnificent canon of choral literature which everyone wants to sing at some point. At least once. But what about the many short, choral-symphonic works by Brahms, for example the Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny) or Nänie? These pieces are no less magnificent, but they present choral directors with the challenge of how to find suitable works to program with them. Tobias Brommann, Choral director at Berlin Cathedral, gives some tips.

Johannes Brahms: Zigeunerlieder

Favorit Works often remind you of particularly beautiful memories. It was the same with Claudia Seidl when she decided on Brahm’s Zigeunerlieder op. 103 [Gypsy songs]. The piece is a catchy tune that accompanied her for a long time after rehearsing for a concert program.