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Schindler: Zirkus Furioso

Sarah Schweiger has followed the composer Peter Schindler and his works since she began working at Carus-Verlag. So she was able to experience at first hand how he works on his pieces with a choir at the Choratelier in 2016. Her favorite piece by him is Zirkus Furioso (Zirkus Allegro). In this musical we live through an eventful, but (because of that) very amusing afternoon with the circus director Leo Pimpelmoser.

Peter Schindler: Hans, mach Dampf! [Hans, Steam On!]

The first children’s (song) book published by Carus “Hans, mach Dampf!” [Hans, Steam On!]  by Peter Schindler had been her stady companion throuout her association with the Carus publishing hous and she still likes to flip through its pages. The musical children’s story is not only nice to read (aloud) and – thanks to the sing-along CD – to listen to, it is also beautifully and comprehensibly illustrated for younger children.