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Sir John Eliot Gardiner about Monteverdi’s “Vespers 1610”

Sir John Eliot Gardiner writes about Claudio Monteverdi’s “Vespers 1610” in CARUS Highlights – a work that captivates everyone.


Psalm settings as a cry for help and comfort

At a time of great changes in which the uncertain, the unpredictable, indeed, even the unsettling can become the new normal, it is the psalms in particular which can offer comfort, confidence, and hope – not only for believers, but also for people who have little or no faith.   

Monteverdi: Selva morale et spirituale

Cornelia Fahrion’s first encounters with Monteverdi were in a vocal ensemble singing his secular madrigals, but she very quickly became familiar with his church music output as well. And even if she cannot say that she has one “favorite piece”, she can name a complete collection of musical pieces which moves her deeply.