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Rheinberger Musica Sacra

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger’s Musica Sacra

Church music was particularly dear to the Liechtenstein composer Josef Gabriel Rheinberger. But he was not a follower of the prevalent Cecilianism movement of his time. He strove instead for emotional warmth and sensuality in his musical language, rather than serene austerity. In his works he found his own individual sound, combining traditional structures with tension-laden harmonic writing in equal measure. Read more!

Louis Vierne: Messe solennelle op 16

Klaus Brecht, long-time lecture at the State Academy for young musicians in Ochsenhausen and one of the editors of the school choir book series chorissimo! at carus, came across during the preperations for the 2020 concert year to the Messe solennelle op. 16 of the jubilee Louis Vierne. At first he was irritated, but then his enthusiasm grew, especially with a view to the setting of the choir passages.

Beethoven: Mass in C major op. 86

Conductor Hans Jaskulsky admires the originality, inspiration, and the courage to take risks in Beethoven’s C major Mass.

Amilcare Ponchielli: Mass – an opera in church

The Messa by A. Ponchielli is undoubtedly a masterpiece of 19th century Italian sacred music. And that is why it deserves to feature again in today’s concert repertoire, according to Marius Popp, Deanery Music Director in Kronach and founder and conductor of the South German Doctors’ Choir and Orchestra. He has conducted the Mass firstly in Cremona, then several times in Germany to highly enthusiastic audiences.

Mozart vocal

Mozart: The unfinished C Minor Mass

The C Minor Mass KV 427 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating work. But to speak of “the” Mass is inaccurate, for basically it is no more than a musical torso, with many puzzles and problems, yet full of magnificent music. We look into the intriguing history of its composition and transmission.


A choral masterpiece, a virus, and an app

carus music, the choir app, offers valuable support for choir singers. Mirjam James and Elizabeth Robinson love to prepare a performance of Bach’s B minor Mass with this practice aid.

Johann Nepomuk Hummel: Mass in B flat major op. 77

The Mass in B flat major by Hummel impresses our student trainee Renita Steinwand greatly, it sounds extremely majestic, and every time she hears it it really gets under her skin. It is simply overwhelming. Listening to the Mass is a really worthwhile experience, and even better to be singing or playing in it yourself one day!

Beethoven: Missa solemnis

When conductor Jan Schumacher heard a recording of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis for the first time, he was stunned: and even ten years later he still had not overcome his awe and fear of the work. You can read why Schumacher’s enthusiasm for the work since then knows no bounds …

Puccini: Messa di Gloria

Music, Italy, wine … anyone who loves all these things shouldn’t miss Puccini’s Messa a 4 voci con orchestra (Messa di Gloria). Puccini was occasionally criticized for composing “simply”, yet it is often forgotten how long he struggled with subject matter. Despite this the Messa di Gloria is a work which any choral director is grateful for.

Rheinberger: Cantus Missae op. 109

Amongst Rheinberger’s 14 mass settings, the Mass in E flat major op. 109 (Cantus Missae) composed in 1878 undoubtedly holds a special position. This mass must, in the opinion of Tristan Meister, count as one of the most important church music compositions of the Romantic period and is worthy of a place in the repertoire of every ambitious choir.