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Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy – Die erste Walpurgisnacht (Erstausgabe)

Mendelssohn: Walpurgisnacht / Walpurgis Night

Mendelssohn’s colorful setting of Goethe’s ballad “Die erste Walpurgisnacht” (“The First Walpurgis Night”): It is not a biblical story but pagan rituals which form the core of Mendelssohn’s composition based on a ballad by Goethe: the pagans stage a colourful spectacle to frighten off Christians, enabling the former to celebrate their annual Walpurgis Night ritual undisturbed. Goethe’s grotesque yet humorous portrayal of the conflict provided Mendelssohn with a vivid musical raiment.

Heinrich Schütz: Madrigale & Hochzeitsmusiken

One of her favorite times in every CD production is the moment when Anna Bockisch receives the final CD master on her desk – what a privilege to be able to listen to the end result of a long project as the first person after the sound engineer and performers. And sometimes there are recordings which captivate you so completely that all other work priorities have to give way to a pure, euphoric listening experience.

Johann Joseph Fux: La Grandezza della Musica Imperiale

In the course of Fux research, which had its beginnings in the mid-19th century with the catalogue of works by Ludwig von Köchel, some works were rediscovered, including orchestral compositions recorded here by the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra conducted by Gottfried von der Goltz. The favorite piece of Luise Schrumpf in this first-class recording is the Ouverture in D minor, which she cannot hear too much of…

Makh tsu di Eygelekh – Yiddish Songs

The mezzo-soprano Helene Schneiderman has been a member of the ensemble at the Stuttgart Staatsoper for many years. Ulla Sachse loves her and her voice. So when the CD with her singing Yiddish songs, sensitively accompanied by Götz Payer at the piano, was released in 2013 by us at Carus-Verlag, Ulla Sachse bought herself a copy straight away. Only at second glance did she come to realize what a moving story les behind these recordings…

Franco Fagioli: Canzone e Cantate

Whichever music magazine you open right now, the countertenor Franco Fagioli is the singer everyone is talking about. Things are going really well for the simpatico Argentinian countertenor with Italian-Spanish roots…