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Mozart: The unfinished C Minor Mass

The C Minor Mass KV 427 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating work. But to speak of “the” Mass is inaccurate, for basically it is no more than a musical torso, with many puzzles and problems, yet full of magnificent music. We look into the intriguing history of its composition and transmission.

Mozart: Missa in c KV 427

When Carus-Verlag asked Daniel Ivo de Oliveira to realize the basso continuo part of Mozart’s Mass in c minor K. 427, as completed and edited by Frieder Bernius and Uwe Wolf, he was brought into contact with a style of music that was new to him. After listening to the piece several times he was fascinated once again by Mozart’s exquisite music…

Reger: Acht geistliche Gesänge

Felix Sorg first encountered Max Reger’s “Acht geistliche Gesänge” op. 138 during his school music course. He associates many enriching choral experiences in the Trossingen Hochschulchor with these pieces, first of all the “Nachtlied” with a special appearance in the German Parliament…