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Louis Vierne

The Life and Works of Louis Vierne

In 2020, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the composer and organist Louis Vierne whose life was not only marked by artistic success but also by health problems and personal misfortune. Above all, his impaired sight from birth would prove to be a heavy burden throughout his life which he countered through his active career as an organist and composer. Works for the organ predominate in his extensive oeuvre, but also his vocal works are of great appeal.

Fauré / Rouger: Les Berceaux op. 23,1

It is a very emotional moment, which Fauré captures atmospherically in his song “Les berceaux”. The ships leave the harbour, the sailors are separated from their families. The musical depiction of the pain of parting and loneliness, embedded in the incessant sound of the sea, touches Isabelle Métrope very personally, because when she sings the original art song or the choral arrangement by Denis Rouger, she sees the harbour of her childhood before her, from which her grandfather often set out to sea. And she is convinced – even without a personal connection, you will love this atmospheric arrangement!

Saint-Saëns’ fascinating Requiem in reduced scoring

Camille Saint-Saëns’ lavishly orchestrated setting of the Requiem calls for no fewer than four harps. This expressive work moves and fascinates listeners in equal measure, including our Chief Editor Uwe Wolf. It has long been a heartfelt desire of his to enable as many musicians as possible to perform this work – including groups with more limited resources at their disposal. For the Saint-Saëns anniversary in 2021, Carus is publishing an arrangement for strings, harp, and orchestra by Klaus Rothaupt.

Saint-Saens / Rouger

Camille Saint-Saëns

Camille Saint-Saëns is one of the outstanding personalities in French musical life – as composer, teacher, and organist. Denis Rouger, one of his successors at the Église de la Madeleine in Paris, with a very personal portrait.