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Gripped by Every Measure

Frieder Bernius’ very first radio recording and his second LP recording in the mid-1970s were devoted to Mendelssohn’s works. So he was as enthusiastic about the idea of a complete recording as he is gripped by almost every measure of this composer’s work.

Schütz: Wo der Herr nicht das Haus bauet (If the Lord build not the dwelling)

Which work offers more than this? Claudio Monteverdi, who died shortly before the publication of the collection, would probably have been astonished about this congenial “German” adaptation of the seconda prattica. From the collection, which Schütz compiled over many years, each work has become so dear to the heart of Frieder Bernius that he is spoilt for choice if he has to select just one.

Cornelius Hauptmann has a busy international career as a concert and opera singer. His special love is for the German lieder repertoire. He initiated the LIEDERPROJEKT, a charitable project to support singing with children, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2019.