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Grand Opera With Less Hassle

How does an opera chorus perform? From memory of course! And for oratorio choirs, this experience alone can be an amazing one with the right preparation. Our favorite choir collection author Sabine Layer thinks that the “Great Opera Choruses” are exactly the right books to give every choir such an experience.

Choral collection lullabies and evening songs

Rocking a child to sleep and singing a calming song is probably one of the most natural forms of music-making of all. And the song of thanks after the day’s work is done, combined with the plea for a peaceful night has had its established place in evening worship for centuries. With a touch of nostalgia, choral director Tristan Meister is now thinking back to many lovely concerts which ended with Rheinberger’s Abendlied, a piece which for him is one of the most touching choral works of the Romantic period. So the hope is all the greater that we might soon be given the green light to sing this wonderful music together again.

Lore-Ley: Choral Collection Deutsche Volkslieder

As a singer, Jan Schumacher was involved  in recording the accompanying CD for the choral collection Lore-Ley what is now almost 15 years ago. The arrangements of German folk songs made a deep impression on him back then. Now the choral collection for four-part mixed chorus has become a constant companion for him in rehearsals and concerts. The conductor explains what’s special for him about this collection, and shares his personal program ideas with us – which may provide inspiration for your own concerts!

Mendelssohn Lieder im Freien zu singen

Mendelssohn: Songs, to be performed outdoors

Mendelssohn tried to put the romantic idea of letting choral songs sound outdoors into practice more than once. In a letter dated July 3, 1839, he described how he had sung with a choir deep in the forest. “How lovely the song sounded, how clearly the sopranos trilled in the air, and what a glow and charm enveloped all the pitches, everything so quiet and furtive and yet so clear – that I couldn’t have imagined … it was magical in the forest solitude, so that tears almost came to my eyes. It sounded like pure poetry.” Learn more about the still little known choral songs of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy in this article by Mendelssohn expert R. Larry Todd.

Freiburg Choral Collection for mixed choir

Martin Dücker is unable to choose just a single “Favorite piece”, but he looked in the “Freiburger Chorbuch” for inspiration, a book which is dear to him (in the sense of valuable, worthy – the Latin word is carus). It is also suitable for that desert island … Piece no. 95 in the collection, “O Jesu, all mein Leben bist du” by Anton Heiller (1923–1979), lingers on the mind for a long time.

Beethoven’s instrumental works with text settings

The “Moonlight Sonata” sung as a “Kyrie”, the slow movement from Beethoven’s 7th Symphony as a “Persian Nocturne” for choir – these vocal interpretations of Beethoven’s instrumental works may surprise you, but they will also convince. A tradition of arranging, incidentally, which was already well-established in Beethoven’s time. And every now and then, these arrangements for choir also reveal aspects of the compositions which were previously hidden.

Händel in London

In Handel’s footsteps through London

When George Frideric Handel crossed the English Channel the first time in 1710, London was enjoying a huge economic upturn. The building boom altered the cityscape of the second largest city in Europe, with almost 630,000 inhabitants, the financial market grew and experienced the first stockmarket crash, the social contrasts were stark, but a simple musician such as Handel could die a rich man. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of today’s metropolis, we can still set out on a walk in the footsteps of Handel.


Psalm settings as a cry for help and comfort

At a time of great changes in which the uncertain, the unpredictable, indeed, even the unsettling can become the new normal, it is the psalms in particular which can offer comfort, confidence, and hope – not only for believers, but also for people who have little or no faith.   

English Choral Music – Motets and Anthems from Byrd to Elgar

Dr. Mirjam James grew up with church music and over the years her interest in (church) music has developed considerably: the musical interests of her English family have left their traces. Browsing through the collection English Choral Music Mirjam James and the men in her life (husband and son) also discovered some of their favorites: Stanford in C! one of them calls out, before both simultaneously sing Charles Villiers Stanford’s Magnificat from memory.